Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy First Day Of Summer, Or...

December 1st is the very start of summer here in Australia. We've been looking forward to it with open arms for many weeks now. It's not that our winters are particularly cold, but it's been a long wet winter and spring. For someone, like myself, who suffers from migraines every time it rains, some weeks have seemed much longer then others. The downside is, while we're ready for summer, summer is NOT ready for us. It came in wet, windy, and wild. Our veggie plants are soaking up the water, which saves us the effort of watering them, but the rest of us are going stir crazy! This means we can be seen darting in and out of the house in the few minutes of sun that we get. People can be heard shouting "HOORAY!!! The sun is out!" for which we all gather around the windows to see just how long it will last. Oh, you can sit there and laugh and presume that I am stretching it a bit, but if your the mother of boys you KNOW what I'm talking about. My boys are climbing the walls, and the kitchen table. LITERALLY.

At dinner this evening my seven year old proceeded to stand up and jump up and down a half dozen times in his chair, then sit back down as if nothing abnormal had just occurred. When I quizzed him on the odd behavior his simple reply was "I wanted to. I really had to do that." Funny thing is, I believe him. When you can't run outside you've got to get the wiggles out somehow.

All was not lost, because we started our Reindeer Pouches today. The boys have been psyched on this for weeks. When I informed them that they wouldn't be opening it until all morning chores were done, there were no groans or complaints. Instead they managed to put away dishes while I made breakfast. Their beds were made, and toys put up in record time.

Today they made a variety of countdown calendars, and spoon angels. Jayden made his angry, and Morgan made his happy. I'm not exactly sure why Gabriel is angry at having to deliver a message to Mary. We've heard a few ideas voice on the topic though.. They also had heaps of fun picking out a Christmas cd, and doing their new Christmas Puzzle.

Unfortunately The 12 Voices of Christmas was down today, so we didn't get to hear Gabriel, we'll give it until tomorrow and then we may have to read it instead. Can you tell we're focusing in on Gabriel this week? Tomorrow we'll be making some Angel Garland, and our annual Scented Ornaments. (Pictures to come..)

I ended up making the boys some Christmas Craft Sacks, so that all our supplies for each day are in a different sack. There's 14 in total (one per child per day of week), this of course just makes them all that much more excited to see what's coming. Wait until they hit Thursday.. I suspect you'll hear the squeals of delight from where you are, no matter where that is!

Interested in doing your own crafts or fun things this month? Check out the links below:

Children's Advent Calendar -- perfect for the little ones, and bigger ones. We're using many of these ideas. You'll also found links for the various countdown calendars (one that comes with a bible verse for each day..)

Teaching Mom's Advent Calendar -- this one has heaps of stuff on it for kids and parents. Links for Christmas carols, crafts, recipes, etc.

Cookie CountDown -- some yummy looking cookies here, I suspect one could do all their holiday baking from this little thing.. and get one big horrible sugar high!

Bach Music Daily -- a new song each day to listen to, thanks to BBC Radio..

Christian Advent Calendar -- 6 different things for each day.. activities, crafts, recipes, etc.

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