Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Few More Funnies..

While looking for something on the computer, I stumbled upon a "funny" I wrote back in September on the old blog and never had the chance to post before the computer went into the shop.. so I thought I'd share it with you here because it was really very funny, and too good to pass up!

The boys are getting a bit of cabin fever mixed with spring fever. So we’ve been enjoying being outside in the warm sunshine. Today while Jayden was on the trampoline Morgan decided riding his bike would be lots of fun. He wanted me to go fetch it for him, but I was up to my neck in curtains (washing them that is). I pointed out the obvious that he could simply go around front of the house and pull the gate open and ride his bike to where Jayden was. 

    “Great idea Mom!” was the reply and off he went.

     Much to my delight I went back to hanging curtains and deciding which one I was taking down next to throw in the washer. Minutes later, though, Morgan comes running in the house panting like crazy before slamming the sliding door shut and proceeding to lock it.

    I turn around very fast presuming Jayden is in hot pursuit and they are teasing each other again. So I say, a bit too loudly, “What are you doing?!”

    “There was something moving in the bush and it frightened me!”

    “What?! Morgan, you can NOT lock the door with something scary outside while your brother is STILL out there!”

    “Oh. I didn’t think about that...”

    The entire time this is happening Nana and Daddy are ROLLING with laughter, which was only heightened when Morgan said in his very quiet, reality has hit me, don’t know what I was thinking voice of “oh.. i hadn’t thought of that..”

    Once he unlocked the door and the laughing had stopped I pointed out that the silly cat, Molly (he’s a boy no less and NOT our’s!) was probably lurking around as I’d spotted him earlier that morning while hanging out the wash. Morgan is relieved and returns to the great outdoors.

    I proceed to the back with freshly cleaned curtains to hang up, and grabbed the dry ones to bring inside. Now mind you I only had two curtains and two valances, both using well over 6 yards of material.. but that’s only to give you an idea of how I’d wrapped the silly valances around myself to keep from tripping. The curtains were another load that I was attempting to manage..

    Morgan comes around the back area and says, “What are you doing Mom?” I’m balancing all the laundry and I say, “Running away because there’s something scary in the bushes!” He laughs and runs with me, we run all the way around the house and in the sliding door.

    I faintly hear Jayden say, “Mommy!”

    I figured he wanted me to jump on the trampoline so I continue inside and am half-way up a chair with curtains before I realize he’s now calling me in a VERY panicked voice.

    Daddy goes outside to check on the problem and comes in with a crying Jayden who was too frightened to leave the trampoline because, “Everyone was seeing scary things in the bushes and I think I saw one too!!” 

    Yeah.. we explained it was a joke, and that the only thing in the bushes was birds and cats, but not before we had ourselves a good laugh...

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