Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Elephant & Piggie..

We LOVE Elephant & Piggie, could they BE any FUNNIER?! I'm not kidding you. My kids go CRAZY for Mo Willems books. The stories are short, simple, and cute. The drawings are simple and full of so many facial expressions. Piggie and Elephant are friends, bestest best friends. They will do anything and everything for each other. In My Friend Is Sad, Piggie does everything he can think of to cheer up his best bud Gerald, and is sadly dissapointed to see that his attempts only half work. The kids rolled with laughter through the book.  Or, how about Today I Will Fly! talk about funny, it was hard to read this book with a straight face! It's so easy to read these books with the expression they were written, and the kids get a huge kick out of that as well. Yesterday, on one of our many trips to the library, we noticed a few new Elephant and Piggie books in. Of course we checked them all out! I Love My New Toy lives up to the normal Elephant and Piggie standards, and was laugh out loud funny! The kids were trying so hard not to laugh so they could hear the words, but there was a lot of snorting, giggling, and straight up gafawing going on! I find the books very amusing myself, and perhaps it's the ease in which they are written which makes reading them so easy. 

Mo Willems writes more then Elephant and Piggie books though. He also writes a series of books about a funny Pigeon. We've read the variety of Pigeon books so many times over, especially Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog, that we can probably quote it in our sleep. In fact, no one can have a hot dog in this house without saying, "mmm, needs mustard!" even though I'm the only person within this home that uses mustard! Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog is, by far, their favorite Pigeon book, all though the newest Pigeon book, Pigeon Wants A Puppy, is just as funny.  

Another great book to read out loud would have to be The Squeaky Door. Our library, sadly, doesn't have a copy of this book. Our library in America did, and we checked it out more times then I can count. The boys would roll with laughter when it was read to them, and I would inevitably end up with a sore throat by the time it was over.  The book is about a little boy who goes to spend the night at his grandparents house. He gets to sleep in what must, certainly, be a king size bed! He's all alone, but says he's not frightened, until Grandma closes the door, then he's terrified out of his mind. So Granny fetches him the dog, which she dresses in jammies, and he's fine, until the door closes.. The story goes on in this fashion with a variety of farm animals joining in the frey. If you want to know if anyone gets sleep I'm afraid you'll have to find the book to read for yourself, just be sure you have a big cup of water next to you!

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