Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Crafts Day 4

Today the boys made their own skittle sets. When I saw the tutorial for it, I knew the boys would love a set, and that having them make their own would be even better! I made the little hats (complete with pom-pom thingies on top) for them and Lawrence cut the dowel. We put it all, with sand paper, in their craft bag for the day. They were excited when they opened them up, and set to work as soon as they'd run upstairs to get dressed. We helped them put the tape on, and I hot glued the hats on for them. It didn't take long for the paint to dry since it was so nice and warm outside today. Both of the boys have spent the majority of the day (or at least all their free time) playing with these sets. I didn't have balls for them to use, but I told them to dig out our bean bags (which should be called rice bags..)

They didn't just set up their little sets as would be normal for bowling, rather they set them up all over the house. Some in easy and obvious places, and others in absurd and unusual places. They'd then have to take careful aim and hope they didn't hit a window, because there were some dire threats that the game would come to an abrupt end if it did! Check out their work below:

The whole gang in an empty nectarine container..

Jayden's are blue, Morgan's are green..

check out those smile faces he drew

some of his had screaming faces!

The boys were delighted to open the reindeer today and find out they were going to the mini golf place in town. All though it took Jayden up to the point of arriving there to figure out we weren't talking about playing golf out back. This wasn't a typical mini golf place. No, windmill (Morgan was disappointed) or other typical obstacles to get around. Rather there was REAL water (we lost two balls in it), and a variety or rock to maneuver around. Even still we had plenty of fun, and believe it or not it took us about two hours! No, we didn't keep track of our score, probably better off. hehe

Morgan's first hole, his dance after getting it in!

Jayden taking a mighty swing

check out the obstacle

the view from the 2nd hole

that pink/orange spot is my ball, not a fish!

the guys..

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