Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Crafts Day 3..

Today we started baking our annual Edible Nativities, which have, for some reason, been on hold the past year or two.. In anycase, these are our Angel cookies. We don't shape our cookies into the character they represent, rather we pick a cookie that we think relates to the character. These, happy to be known as Mexican Wedding Cakes or Russian Teacakes. Normally I'd use the handwritten recipe from my Great-Grandmother's cookbook, however because I couldn't find it, I substituted with the recipe I found over at for Russian Tea Cakes I. I did not indulge in one. You know that slogan "Once you pop you can't stop"? Well, these cookies are VERY much like that. We omitted pecans because I never have them on hand. The boys were disappointed they could only eat one, and are now eagerly awaiting Christmas so they can eat more.

We read more about Gabriel today and his message to Mary. We've been doing a lot of Gabriel things this week, and the boys were excited to see feathers, googly eyes, and glitter in their craft bags today. They made Hand/foot print angels today. I used a preprinted paper from Danielle's Place, I'm not sure if it's free or not as I subscribe to the sight. Anyway, it came with a Bible verse printed on it, but our little one's hands and feet are so big it's not as visible..

Morgan's, check out the smile on him!

Jayden's, check out that glitter, he went glitter CrAzY!

and this is what I looked like afterwards.. actually I was nursing a headache while trying to find another recipe online, but...

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