Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Basket Week One

December 1st, marked the start of our month of Christmas. We've decided to do something with the boys each day, read a Christmas book, watch a movie, and listen to a Christmas cd. The basket was just too full, so we pared down and opted to only put things in it each week that we'd be using or need. The books will probably stay even if we read them, as the boys enjoy having the same story read to them many times. The movies will change, considering many of them are borrowed from the library or rented from the shop. The bags you can see in the front will be there each week, but the contents of them will change. There are 14 bags, one for each boy for each day of the week. Basically, whatever craft we're doing for the day, the supplies needed will be in there. For today they found cinnamon and glue in their bags so we could make our annual scented ornaments. Tomorrow, they'll find a variety of items to make some fun angels. Each week I'll have to refill them. Each day the bags are a different print, which was mostly for me so I could keep it straight while I filled them up.

They are nothing fancy. I basically cut out four squares of material, and sewed them up on three sides, hemmed the top edge under, and that was it. They are closed with a bit of cord around the outside, and I've looped a wooden tag around them with a number on it. That way I can say "Locate the bags with the number ..." They find opening the bags VERY fun each day.

These are the mysterious Thursday bags, can't wait for the kids to open these! We bought this material with someone else in mind, can you guess who you are?

the boys opening their first bag on Monday

This is Morgan's Angel, he found the contents to make it in his bag, can you see the happy face?

This is Jayden's, not sure if you can see it or not, but he gave him a grumpy face!

this puzzle has been such a huge hit for the two of them!

We also started opening up our reindeer on Monday. The boys were very excited, especially Jayden since they'd agreed between them that he'd open the first one up. One opens a reindeer, and the other hangs an ornaments on the Jesse Tree. One picks a book to read, the other picks out he cd to listen to, etc.

he was SOOO excited, even if he couldn't reach

He's proudly showing off what he plucked from the reindeer. Unfortunately it wasn't a "proper" tag, like the rest have because I ran out of computer ink before the proper one was printed. So, Daddy saved the day by making a calendar by hand and sneaking it in before the boys noticed.

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