Saturday, December 27, 2008


We bought another aquadoodle product for Christmas this year. This one is a nifty little travel type one, with some educational value (dare I say..). The flip part, that you can see up towards the top lifts up and shows the kids how to write their letters. It only shows capitals, but no complains. Jayden recognizes all 26 letters of the alphabet and can write most of them, but many times he'll ask you to write one first so he can watch and do it himself. Which made this one of those terrific items that we couldn't pass up. Plus, it runs on water, and that's always a good thing. Morgan has enjoyed trying it out himself because it also shows you how to turn each letter into a picture. Notice the cat on the board to the left? His tail is the C. Morgan is all about drawing anything and everything these days, so he enjoyed trying it out. Jayden was all about writing those letters though. I suspect this might find it's way on the school table when I'm in need of keeping him busy for a few extra minutes. This so beats dry erase boards by a mile. The smell of the markers (even low odor crayola ones) can set off a migraine, especially on a rainy day when I'm all ready susceptible.  

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