Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Rainy Weekend..

What do you do when it's raining *again*. Seriously, we've had so many rainy weekends, and days, that we're just going insane here! So today, we decided to finish up a few crafts we had laying around that needed dealing with. Our annual scented ornaments were one such craft. These ornaments take a few days to make because you have to wait for them to dry out. We had them outside on the deck, which is covered and they were coming along really well. (You flip them over each day to help them dry flat.) They were pretty much dry and then it go seriously muggy here before a downpour on Saturday. I sent Morgan out to grab the angels for a garland for the dinning room, but when I noticed the ornaments were getting a bit wet from the humidity and rain I had the boys bring them all in. Then we sat around stringing them up for garlands around the house.

The one pictured above is actually hanging in the downstairs bathroom. Now, once again, for those of you not living in Australia, bathrooms aren't the same as they are in America. Toilets (most times) are in one room, and the bath and sink are in another room. This is one such room. It needed a bit of Christmas cheer so I hung our snowmen and bells and put the circle spaces we make in between. Then we hung it from one end of the mirror to the other. This is the bathroom the boys use for baths so they were super excited to see it in there.

The ornament above, in case you can't tell, is an angel. In the dinning room we have a breakfast bar. Only, a previous dweller in the home opted to stick a built in bookcase under the shelf. Don't ask me why, all though I am grateful for the shelving, we can never get enough, I do find it odd. Anyway, we strung up some angels and bells, and again used our spacers (tiny circles) and hung them there. There's not a picture of the entire garland because it was difficult to get it without a ton of shadow, so I'm afraid you'll have to use your imagination!

Then we made some Gingerbread Garland for our rumpus room. yes, the room is pink with floral border paper at the middle of the wall. Don't ask, we'd like to change the color to a nice cream or tan to lighten it up, especially in the winter. However, that's a whole different story.. Back to the gingerbread boys. My children are OBSESSED with gingerbread boys. I was going to have them make them out of Felt and stuff them, but it appears I have no brown felt. (We might settle for tan later on and let them make bean bags out of them.. one can never have enough bean bags..) So we used a paper bag. I used a pattern that I found online, and folded my paper bag in half (this was a small one, but bigger then lunch size). The second GingerBread Boy on the line (from the right) was taped all around the edges. I thought it would look better then staples, but the truth is, it was too much of a pain to do it for a total of 4 gingerbread boys!

We each decorated our own, and then after taping that first one, I stapled the guys up, leaving one side open. I stuffed in crumpled newspaper and then finished stapling it shut. I grabbed a piece of red paper (regular old red paper) and cut out hearts, 5 to be exact. Then I took some cord I had from another craft project and I tied a loop in the end. I stapled on a heart, then a gingerbread boy until they were all used up, ending with a heart and another loop. Then we strung them up in our rumpus room to admire! Very simple.

Jayden's (you can see the staple job). I pulled our our oil crayons for this project which gave us bright vibrant colors on the brown paper bag! The boys were over the moon excited about it!

This is mine, I know, a tad boring .. You can see how I taped it, but it was just too difficult with all the curves and bends. If you opt to tape, use little pieces and be prepared to snip and cut the tape to make it fit..

This is Morgan's, he drew this one on his own, then saw Daddy's..

Daddy's.. gotta love that nose!

Then we finished off the day with homemade macaroni and cheese. It seemed like a nice warm yummy food to eat while it was still pouring bucket outside. We don't exactly follow the recipe either. I use it as a guideline really.. I use a whole pound of macaroni (elbow or something equally small) as I find there's a lot more sauce then one would need for half that. I use 2% milk (or rather since I can't get it I use whole milk in place of the cream, and 1% where it calls for milk) I use 1 T butter and 2 T margarine. I also use reduced fat cheese (woolies brand light Tasty cheese in the deli department is REALLY good for this. Much more flavorful then the light Tasty you'll get in the cheese dept.. don't ask me why, but there you have it..) We top it with bread crumbs, italian seasoned (I season those myself too because I can only get plain bread crumbs here..) I prefer my mac n cheese nice and plain like that with a good sized serving of green veggie and a pile of fruit, but my husband it a carnivore through and through.. so I surprised him and threw a few slices of chopped bacon in it. When I don't he just cuts up snags and puts them in his portion..

Just incase we hadn't spread enough Christmas cheer around the house, we opted to watch the movie Blizzard while eating our dinner. I thought I'd seen most Christmas movies at some point in my life. My mother is fully addicted to It's a Wonderful Life, and freakily enough all the times she's watched it I think I've only seen it through from start to finish once! (All though I still remember going to see the play of this movie with her, and it was AWESOME. I love plays..) Dad's all for that hideous A Christmas Story. (He's so getting the t-shirt one day.. he nearly got the lamp once, but I figured the rest of my family might not let me live that one down.. all though I did find it in nightlight size..) As for myself, I can't say as I have one particular one I have to watch, all though I really really enjoy Christmas With The Kranks (the book was just as good!)

Anyway, back to Blizzard. It was a really good movie. Yes, it had the whole concept of Santa in it, but it wasn't, oddly enough, the center of the movie. It was more about a reindeer (they used real ones!), and how she had magical powers that she could use to help others. It was more about a little girl who learned to skate via free lessons from an olympian. Skating was her "thing", and she did it well. It was a very enjoyable movie. The only downside is that my children opted to throw books on the floor and proceed to skate around the house. I also have to admit, it brought up some great memories of spending many NY winters skating them away. I love ice skating! Oh, and for your Harry Potter fans, I believe Santa was played by Dumbledore, for some reason I found that highly amusing.

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