Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Annual Christmas Ornaments

Each Christmas, since Morgan was (all most) a year old we've made our annual Scented Ornaments. I always do the kids handprint, and whatever dough is leftover is made into any shape we want. I trace their hand on white paper, and then cut that out. I lay the paper on the dough and use a knife to get the shape. The first year we made these there were so many handprints that each person got one for Christmas. By the time Jayden was two, I needed a double batch and barely squeezed out enough to be able to mail one to Nana as well as give everyone in America one. Last year we were unable to make them due to a lack of cinnamon in our area. (I'm not joking around!) This year we found the cinnamon, but white glue is a new problem. Thankfully I had some left over from the first year we made them, and it was just enough.

Only, as you can see, the kids handprints have grown tremendously. As I was sitting at the table rolling and cutting away listening to Mercy Me blasting in the background, I had to stop and take a closer look at those handprints. For a minute I could have sworn I was cutting out my own. It's still not quite the same size, but a double batch of dough didn't go as far. Especially since I was able to give each of the boys their own hunk of it to make ornaments with. Instead of each person getting one this year, I'm afraid it's more like each family.. I also suspect next year I'm going to have to stock up in advanced on cinnamon. Maybe by then I can locate more white glue. Here's a few more pictures of our ornaments:

Can you see the "J" on those? Yup, that's really his handprint, he might be two years younger then Morgan, but he's only 2 inches and 2 pounds smaller..

That's one of each. The one at the top is Jayden's the one on the bottom is Morgan's

Like all those shapes? Those funny sun shapes are suppose to be stars, yes there's a fire truck and a spaceship, both of which we picked up at the craft fair from a company called Bisk-Art. They have an AMAZING range of cookie cutters, and their prices are very reasonable. You can occasionally find their products listed on ebay (note the bulldozer), but last time I checked they didn't have any. We have their email and phone number on a business cared we picked up though. I'm thinking of ordering some of their Aussie Animals for Australia day..

These are Morgan's handprints, and some angels. Yes, for the record just about every one of my pans is currently covered in ornaments.. which is going to make baking their angel cookies pretty difficult today.. The scented ornaments take a few days to air dry.

Note: For those of you in Australia, clag, will not cut it for white glue. You need true white glue, at our local Kmart a year ago we got white glue called MrMaglue. It came in a white squeeze bottle with a smile face on the front and a big red nose (ironic eh?). Or, if you're lucky enough to find Elmer's glue that would work too.

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