Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving On Thursday

I suppose the title of this post is kinda obvious, but this is the book the kids are doing for school this week. They really love reading the Jack and Annie books and traveling through time with them. We own several of these, and if you go to the Magic Tree House website you can actually collect passport stickers (all free as is the passport) for answering three questions correctly after reading the books. Last year we didn't actually celebrate Thanksgiving as we'd just returned from our American holiday. This year we're attempting it, we'll see how it goes.
As for school... we'll be reading one or two chapters a day (depending on time constraints and such) and then making a lapbook as well. CurrClick (awesome online store) is where we get our Thanksgiving on Thursday lapbook, where it is currently on special for $3.99 (USD).
There's lots of little tidbits in there for the kids to study about. Today we only had time for one chapter, plus the prologue. So we discussed how states in America have a two letter abbreviation. Morgan was excited by the prospect of not having to write out Pennsylvania. He was equally excited to notice that a piece of American mail today also only had two letters on it. We also learned about the parts of a tree (basic review) and days of the week (also basic review). However, it was nice to see him spell them out (you should see some of the spellings!)
We read a book entitled Gum Trees, which was all about the gum trees of Australia. The boys were excited to spot a few they knew very well, and to learn all about gum nuts (something they collect every time we walk to the beach.)
They'll also be learning about John Smith (which will be tricky since we have no books about him, and neither does our library..), the first Thanksgiving, Squanto, and of course the Pilgrims. I think this will also be a perfect opportunity to toss some corn into the garden. Just for the record, yes I seriously considered getting some fish and chucking their heads in with the corn seeds (if you don't know what I'm talking about then you need to read up on Squanto!), but I decided I so wasn't game for that.
I also purchased the ebook from Evan Moor (another great homeschooling resource place) entitled Life In Pymouth Colony. It's absolutely loaded with awesome stuff. I don't see us getting to all of it this week, but that's okay, after all the first Thanksgiving didn't last just one day did it?
I'm also considering an audio book for the kids to listen to The Legend of Squanto. (If you click on the little green arrow under the picture you can listen to a clip of it.) I think it would tie in nicely with our studies this week, it's just a matter of finding the time to listen to it. Either way though, I think the boys will really enjoy it.

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