Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung here in Tasmania. Okay, so it's really been here for a while, but I was slow at posting a few pictures of the various flowers sprouting in my garden. I love these daisies here on the left, we have them in pink, purple, and white. The garden is not only overflowing with flowers, but also with birds. We have a pair of blackbirds who hang out here and fight constantly on the roof when other birds attempt to sit with them. The female was found, by Jayden, next to the front deck.

Jayden was very concerned about this so Daddy went out to the bird and when it didn't budge he put out his hand, and stroked the bird. I kid you not. This bird did not peck him, turn his head or anything. Just kept right on staring at Jayden and Buster. A few minutes later it took off. She still hangs out in the same area with her mate. The boys really enjoy keeping their eye on them.

Here's a few more flowers that have popped up, it's keeping the bees buzzing out there.

these were one of my favorites, the tree was beautiful, but the flowers are now all gone..



yes you have maintained your garden very beautifully.

Amanda in RI said...

I love the pictures! I'm trying desparately to enjoy the changing seasons here in New England, but the thought of a long, cold winter....let's just say that I'll be so happy when the warm spring breezes start to blow, as opposed to the biting winter ones. :)