Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jesse Tree

It's not the greatest picture in the world, but here it is. We're down a computer at the moment, so once that's fixed I'll share a better photo.

Anyway, this is our Jesse Tree. We use the Jesse Tree to help the kids keep their eyes on Christ during Christmas. Each day we read a small bit of scripture based on the ornament we're hanging on the tree. In short, a Jesse Tree is pretty much Jesus' family tree from creation up. It goes hand in hand with the Bible commentary Morgan's been reading this year.

We got our devotions from The OldSchool House online store. It was a simple download entitled The Glorious Coming. It is, indeed, based on Advent, but we're simply focusing on the devotions for the Jesse Tree. It also came with ornaments, which are really nice. The ornaments are meant to be cut out of paper and either laminated or used as they are. Because we used paper ornaments last year I wanted to use something that I, hopefully, wouldn't need to replace next year.

After much searching I decided to make clay ornaments. There are no pictures of these yet because they aren't done. I'll share photos and info when they are. So I'm afraid you'll have to be patient on that end of things. Anyway, back to the photo above..

The tree is a pattern I found over at Crafty Crow for a thanks giving tree. The tree was not big enough as it was, but I loved the shape of the tree. It made me think of the beautiful sugar maples from New York state, and the one that's growing in my parents front yard. (You haven't cut it down, Dad, right?!) I had the bright idea to blow that thing up something like 700%. Then I cut it out and attempted to piece it together,

Not the word "attempted". It took me 45 minutes and I could NOT get the branches attached. I was on the verge of insanity when Lawrence offered to blow it up differently. It took him far less time to blow it up and print it out. Piecing it together was a lot simpler too. Not to mention he used the exact dimensions I gave him (all though I've no idea what they were because I had to get to inches, change them to centimeters, and pass that number on..)

After all of that I pinned it onto a piece of brown material and cut it out. It took me the entire length of the new Get Smart movie to pin it on and cut it out. Seriously. I ironed it and pinned it onto this really awesome blue material. I'm not sure the picture does it justice, but it has silver snowflakes on a deep rich blue color. It took me about an hour to sew it on, maybe more. I wanted this done in time for December, so I didn't hand sew it. Instead I zig-zagged with the machine. One I layered it with batting and a backing I sewed over the tree again, and added all the buttons you can see.

The buttons on the bottom, larger ones, are for storing the ornaments on before we put them on the tree. The buttons on the tree represent the places the children can put the ornaments after we read the devotion. The binding is made from a candy cane material. My only complaint with the whole project is the material I used for the backing (which, thankfully, as my husband points out no one will see!) It's a green Santa Clause material. The only thing I could find that was the right dimensions in my stash!

I'll try to post some better photos once our computer issue is resolved, that may be tomorrow it may not.. We shall see. In the mean time I'm off to work on those clay ornaments..

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