Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jesse Tree Pictures & More

Now that the computer issues have been resolved I've gotten more pictures of our Jesse Tree Posted. These are mostly close-ups of the tree itself, plus it gives you a great view of the beautiful snowflake material. Can you tell I really liked it? That's the roots of the tree there, and they were a true humdinger to cut out! I was worried I'd snip the tips off the roots, or some other disastrous thing, especially since I was watching Get Smart and kept finding myself overtaken with horrible fits of laughter. That brown material looks bark like when you see the whole effect, but up close it looks like petals or something. For some odd reason it reminds me of cocoa beans!

For some reason this picture wasn't rotated, but this is a close-up of the tree branches at the top of the tree. You can see my nifty button job too. I sewed those on with my machine. No, joke!! The trick for that is removing the foot from your machine and not using the pedal until you're sure the needle and the holes are lined up.. You'll also need to use the button hole setting on your machine. The first time I tried this I went through a few buttons figuring it out, but now that I've got the hang of it, it's a very quick way to attach buttons, especially when you have 32 buttons to sew on to one craft project! Seriously, sewing buttons on with the machine is super easy!

This is the top of the tree, obviously, and you should be able to count 26 buttons. You'll notice one is white and up in the sky. There's a star ornament, and I figured the kids would want it up in the sky. That and I didn't have enough brown buttons so since I had to use a few green ones as well, I figured "why not white!" Believe it or not those branches weren't that difficult to sew on. The pins really held it in place very securely, cutting it out was something though because I had to be sure not to miss cut under the paper pattern. This wasn't tissue paper, which made it difficult to see through. The sewing on did take an hour or so though. Mind you I had to keep stopping to stretch my poor stiff neck. Am I the only one who gets a stiff neck when using a sewing machine?

I couldn't resist a close-up of the candy cane material... it's also another nice close-up of the snowflake material..

Last, but not least is a picture of the back of the back of the Jesse Tree. That was the dreaded material I told you about. I don't dislike it, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted for the backing. As Lawrence pointed out, no one's going to see it while it's hanging on the wall.. Ahh, the voice of reason. Check out the outline of the tree roots!

Now, if you want to try a Free and Easy Jesse Tree here's some links that might interest you:

Free Jesse Tree information and ornaments if you scroll to the bottom you'll find various scripture references to go with each ornament.
Free Jesse Tree Ornaments this has decent ornaments if you can get past the background to read the font. There are also scripture references to go with each ornament.
A Free Jesse Tree Unit Study
Free Color In Jesse Tree Ornaments scroll to the last two pages to find the ornaments specifically for the Jesse Tree.
Several Jesse Tree Links there's a link for two different size ornaments depending on the size "tree" you choose to use, as well as a link for devotions and Bible references.
Free Color In Ornaments and devotions. These are TRULY amazing ornaments! I'm considering printing these out for Morgan to color. Or to make them into clay ornaments and letting him paint them. (I'll explain how in another post..)

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Honey said...

Thank you so much for posting the wonderful links to Jesse Tree resources. I am getting ready for our first year doing a Jesse Tree and these will come in very handy.