Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jesse Tree Ornaments

I know I promised I'd post this picture ages ago, but the truth is it's taken me forever to get these done! These are my THIRD attempt. The first seven ornaments were made FOUR times. The first set didn't work, and the decal peeled off. Add to it the glazing effect didn't work (thus the peeling problem). Batch two, came out okay, but were large, batch three burned. So here is batch four, perfect sized, not peeling, and all strung up. Yes, some buttons are empty as I've still got a few more to make. Someone, who's initials are Lawrence Q. C. has lost the rest of my transfer paper. Once it's located (hopefully today) I will finish making the ornaments. The boys were delighted to get to hang those on the base of our Jesse Tree last night. They commented over each one and how shiny it was and which ones were their favorite. They tried to guess what some of the pictures were for, and others they all ready knew. They look forward to putting the first one on the tree properly this afternoon/evening. So do I, to be honest.

You can't see it very well, but one of my favorites is the Noah's Ark one as well as the Alter of Fire from Elija. I'll have to get some close-ups of the ornaments and post them as well, because while you get the gist of it with this view, you can't miss some of the beauty of them. For the record, I did roll the clay and use cutters for most of the shapes, however I did NOT do the graphic. I purchased it from The Old SchoolHouse online store, and downloaded them with the devotional The Glorious Coming. ($7.95 USD No shipping, instant PDF download.) Click here for more Jesse Tree Information.


Honey said...

I absolutely love this idea. Thanks for sharing. It looks wonderful.

Robin in CO said...

Kendra, I love your tree and ornaments. Can you give more details on making the ornaments?

Kendra said...

Robin, I'm hoping to put up a tutorial this week(end) for it. We used water transfer paper and sculpey clay though. Instructions for the water transfer paper are on the back of the package! :) We just followed those shrinking the images to fit on smaller ornaments.