Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fish Bones

This is fish bones. The kids think it's an awesome math game, and I like how they use it when they are struggling to remember specific math facts. The idea, and the printable fish skeleton came from The Mailbox Magazine. (The Mailbox Magazine is a true treasure trove of great ideas for lots of hands on stuff. They also release an Annual Yearbook for each grade that's well loaded with ideas as well. When I first saw a yearbook, it was thanks to my library!)

Morgan has been struggling this week with a few of his more common math facts, so to spice things up I pulled Fish Bones back out. He uses the colored sticks to figure out the answers. I like using colored craft sticks because he can see the two different numbers he's adding up. Using this game has also helped him see how much quicker it is to count by twos. Rather then counting by ones he simply groups up the sticks once all are on the board and counts by twos as far as he can and then, if needed, follows over by ones.

Jayden, however, plays differently. I give him the big dice you see in the picture and have him roll it. He puts that many bones on the fish. He also tells me the number so I can write it for him on the white board. Then he rolls again and puts that many more bones on the fish. He also tells me the numbers so I can write it down as well. Then he counts the total number of sticks, which I also write down. Last, but not least, he reads the problem as I write it on the board. He equally loves FIsh Bones because he feels like such a big boy doing math like this and telling us "real" math problems.

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