Sunday, November 30, 2008

Daddy, I want lipstick..

Morgan suffers from chapped lips quite often. He has the horrible habit of licking his lips while jumping on the trampoline, riding his skateboard, biking, whatever. Funny thing is we never actually see him licking his lips. Perhaps with the loss of so many teeth the spit just runs out of his mouth, I've really no idea. All I know is that he's always got chapped lips, and the area around his lips can often be chapped as well. When he was younger this would lead to much crying and even a few occasional screaming fits in the store when his lips would sting. Since then I've learned to keep some form of chapstick on hand. OMy old faithful tube of tea tree oil chapstick seems to have gone awal. So yesterday, when Morgan asked for some I directed him to a menthol form in the bathroom. He was more then happy with it considering his nose was stuffed up as well. Jayden, not wanting to be left out asked for "lipstick". I directed him to the bathroom as well, but the menthol stuff made him cry, saying it stung.

When we dashed to the store for eggs Daddy promised to look for lipstick, and he found some cherry flavored chapstick. Jayden happily doused his lips, face, cheeks, and fingers in the sticky red goo. Once inside he turned to Daddy and said, "Daddy, let me put some lipstick on you!" Daddy obliged him, Mommy laughed.

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