Friday, November 28, 2008

An Australian Thanksgiving

The question of the month has been, do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia? Yes, and No. We, as a family do celebrate Thanksgiving in November, but Australia, as a nation, does not. We celebrate, because it's part of our heritage, and our history.

Celebrating our American Thanksgiving in Australia is an interesting thing. First off, there's no annual Turkey Trot, which I sorely miss. I did 10k anyway, all though I saw no passing scenery, heard none of the Japanese immigrants discussing Thanksgiving with their children (I really enjoyed those conversations!), saw no signs encouraging me on, and missed out entirely on all the comments while pushing a stroller uphill (I don't miss pushing the stroller uphill!!)

We did not have Turkey. Turkeys are overpriced here, by a more then a mile. As in when I saw them in the local grocery they were marked at $62.95 for half a turkey. That's AUD, which means in USD it's roughly 32 dollars or so. Considering the boys don't know the difference between, and Lawrence doesn't like it, I cooked chicken instead.

We had many of the dishes we would normally enjoy at Thanksgiving. All though, much to Lawrnece's disappointment there was no fruit salad with mini marshmallows. Aussie mallows wouldn't have cut it in that particular salad, maybe next year Dear.. We did have cranberries, I found a jar of them and doctored them up with oranges, we had our traditional cornpudding (it's just not Thanksgiving without it!), mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies. Did you notice the boys inspecting the food on the table? They were trying to determine if they were brave enough to taste the cranberries!

Because, as a nation, Australia doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, it was a pretty typical day here. No parade, unless you count the funny man in the kitchen doing silly jigs, and pushing trucks along for us (we enjoyed it). The mail ran (thanks for the package Mom & Dad!), and we did school.

The boys worked, during the week on their history pockets, and on Thanksgiving we finally got the first entire pocket constructed and filled. They've really enjoyed this, thus far. All though they've completely renamed the Pilgrims boats to "The Speedboat" (Speedwell), and "Some Kinda Flower" (MayFlower), much to Lawrence's great amusement. After reading the dimensions of the Mayflower we went out to the driveway and marked it out. The kids were impressed with how easy races were, until we pointed out all the other people who'd have been on the boat.

We had our dinner, and then washed it all down with homemade no sugar apple crumble with homemade vanilla ice cream on top, all while playing Duck Duck Bruce. Below are a few more pictures from the day..

Pouring Milk For dinner..

Front cover of Jayden's book, he ran out of room on the end for his N and put it at the front!

First pocket, full of all their goodies..

A closer view of the first pocket goodies..

Sugar-Free Apple Crumble with honey ice cream.

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