Saturday, November 15, 2008

Attack of the Mosquitos

We had a mozzie infestation yesterday! I'm talking big hulking, see my eyeballs, watch me bare my teeth kind mosquitos! I'd been in the schoolroom sorting out papers, and when I decided it was lunch time I came out, leaned up the stairs and shouted "LUNCH!" Which was promptly followed by, "HOLY COW IT"S LOOKING AT ME!!!" I proceeded to slap the mosquito on the wall and turn away.

I look out the window and am completely FREAKED OUT to see the interior of my window is COVERED with these big honker mozzies. Seriously folks, I'm not talking normal small, hang out by the creekside kinda mozzies. I'm talking so big I can seriously look into their eyes kinda. So I scream and start slapping them with my hand. I bolt for the flyswatter and go on a rampage. I think I've got them all and notice the door to the living room wide open. I shut it and realize the other window in the living room is equally covered. As I swat some more I scream out, "I FEEL LIKE I'M IN JAMANJI DOWN HERE!" This finally brought the boys running.

Don't ask me what they thought they'd see, monkeys causing chaos in the kitchen? Lions eating their lunch? A herd of rhino's invading the beach? Or maybe a lone zebra chomping on my fresh lettuce plants? Who knows, but what they found was me standing at the window on a full fledged rampage shouting things like, "How many more are there?" "Someone pull the netting closed around my bed!" or "My word, get the vinegar!"

Morgan and Jayden were of course rolling with laughter. It's just Mom being nutty again. Don't mind her, nothing abnormal here. Lawrence thought I'd possibly flipped a loop and that the school papers had gotten to me, or that I'd been up late working on NaNoWriMo. Then they saw one. "What's THAT?" they ask while pointing. Before Lawrence saw it I smashed that one too.

My windows are now disgusting, my floor is in dire need of vacuuming. But I destroyed them all. I was so happy. Then that afternoon, they came back for a second attack! I kid you not. Not the dead ones, more from outside. My windows were covered a second time, both of them, and I threatened to lock the next person who left the door open out of the house. I heard some quite chuckles, but I've yet to see the door left open.

It took another 5 minutes, and two of us going at it to get rid of the second attack, and one escaped! He got upstairs. Doors were slammed shut on bedrooms, netting was pulled close. Oh, I so take mosquito attacks seriously. I slapped another four mosquitos with a bag of glace` cherries, then threw the cherries away. (Don't panic, they were expired anyway!) So there I am half asleep last night, pounding out a few thousand words for Nano, when I see it. The rouge mozzie.

He must have been lurking, waiting for me. So I scream and point at it and Lawrence jumps up and loses it in the light. If you've seen our rumpus room lit up at night you'd laugh. The light up there is pretty pathetic, but seriously it flew up towards the light and that was that. About 15 minutes later I saw it right next to me, and when I went to slap it, it bounced just out of my reach on the floor. Thinking it was in the clear it flew up on the wall, and that's the last thing it new. Second later Lawrence whacked it hard enough the room echoed!

I know you're laughing right now, and that's okay. But I'm warning you, when you come to Australia be prepared.. The mosquitos are a whole new breed here. I've decided it's time to take some action about these things, I refuse to be eaten alive while weeding the garden this summer. So I looked up some information, and saw a few plants that should help keep them away. All though I'm kinda shocked rosemary is on the list, we have an ENTIRE HEDGE of the stuff around our yard. Seriously, a HEDGE. Maybe we should move the hedge up to the house, ya think? I'm planting mint, as soon as I find my seed packet..

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