Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Rainy Weekend..

'It's been raining for days..' you have to hear that tune playing in your head, right? Well, it has been raining for days here, and it's starting to feel like months! So I've got that Jars Of Clay song running through my head like crazy! Mind you, we're all going a little crazy from all the rain.
Look at the dog, he's chosen to lay on the deck and beg through the window! So what do we do when it's yet another rainy day in Tasmania? An odd assortment of things.. We wanted to take the kids to a movie, but the only children's movie still playing wasn't showing today. Bummer! So we loaded them up and took them to Jungle Gyms for an hour or two instead. (It's basically an indoor run around playground for kids..)

The boys spent a good hour reenacting Peter Rabbit for us with their stick puppets. It was amusing to watch and listen to:

Is it just me, or does that look like an angry Momma bunny?

Peter's Mother telling him not to get cooked into a pie!

Peter, sneaking under the fence, after being implored by the sparrows

Flopsy and Mommy Bunny wishing it weren't raining..

Then it was time to watch Daddy play cricket on the computer:

Daddy discussing new projects for Bug Cafe..

Some big pondering going on there..

Next you pester Mommy about that wonderful smell (it was ketchup in the crock-pot), and ask her where she got those fuzzy pink slippers:

homemade ketchup simmering away

Mommy's gaudy slippers, but they're warm!

Next they moved on to coloring pictures of Peter Rabbit, eventually we'll write letters on the back of them and mail them off to family.. maybe on the next rainy weekend:

This kept them busy for about 20 minutes..

Then they all retired up to the rumpus room for a movie and a real cricket game, which left me with plenty of time to work on our reindeer:

It's difficult to take a picture when you're falling down the stairs..

Some are by hand (with antlers) and some are by machine (without antlers)

I was just about done with this project when the cricket ended and the guys came down asking for dinner.. Time really does fly when you're having fun! Upon realizing I hadn't started tea yet, they opted to make tacos for me:

Stare dreamily out the window while waiting on the mince to defrost

Stir in carrot puree and taco seasoning..

The tacos were yummy, the puppet show cute, the cricket was disappointing (from what I hear.. I didn't see any of it), the movie was good enough to reenact and quote, and the reindeer are completed!! For a rainy Saturday we certainly enjoyed ourselves..

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