Friday, October 24, 2008

Tick The Box

The other day I picked up a bunch of little Thomas The Train workbooks for Jayden from ChickenFeed. I had no specific plans for them, but when I told Morgan it was time for a reading lesson I asked Jayden if he wanted to try a Thomas book.

He's very eager to start big-boy school, but I'm putting him off until January/February when we start our 2009 term. While I know he can do any of the work I ask, we have some attitude issues we need to work through before we start doing school. Not to mention Morgan is only about 2 weeks away from being completely done with his 2008 school term.. however, back to the picture above..

Yesterday, while working on a birthday present for someone I had Morgan pull out his current reading book and read to me. He was delighted with the idea. (He's been so eager to read this particular book..) Anyway, as soon as I mentioned that Morgan was doing school, Jayden eagerly asked if he could "please, please, please do a Thomas book!" Sure, go for it!

He picked out the maths book he'd been working on, and I suggested he sit next to Daddy and let Daddy read him the instructions. This worked well. We were all sitting at the kitchen table working away when Daddy starts to giggle. His giggle gets louder and he asks me to stop and take a look at something.

He'd read Jayden a story, Jayden had to put the pictures in order from 1-4. He did this. Then he had to "tick" a box to say which item Sir Topemhat used to measure things with. I tend to say, "put an x in the box" or I'll let him circle things. Well Daddy did his normal Aussie thing by saying, "Jayden just tick the box that shows what he used." Jayden took Daddy very literally, and sounded out the word "tick" for himself.

Yup, that's right, Jayden wrote the word "tic" in the box above. No help. No guidance. He simply sat there sounding out each letter, then proceeded to write it down in the tiny box. Yeah, I think Jayden might get some one-on-one time for reading lessons this summer. He's clearly proved he's ready for it...

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