Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Schoolroom

I've been slack about sharing photos now that we're all moved into the house. I know some of you were "blessed" with a quick tour of the house via the computer from the boys. (Thank heavens they didn't find any undies on the floor! I might not have lived that one down!!) So now that our schoolroom is complete (minus replacing the curtains) I thought I'd share the photos.

Here's our schoolroom from the hall. Despite what the picture shows it's usually very sunny in here. It's also a terrific view down to the ocean (sometimes a bit too luring) We also have a little blackbird who likes to hop in and around the bushes in the front yard. We've noticed a small burrow in one that we've been trying to see if he uses for protection during rain.

From the doorway this is to the left. This wall gets a LOT of attention from us. This houses our timeline (konos) our world map (local book store), and our map of Europe (where we are learning about right now). It also houses the computer, which is rather obvious.

Heres a closer view of our map of Europe. Nifty little thing. Morgan requested a box of maps for Christmas (2007) and Gram-Gram was able to comply with his wishes. I was able to snag a few to hang up as we study the countries. I love how it gives you some information about famous people and places, etc. Morgan is tickled pink that I hung it up too.

Here's the computer nook. This computer is reserved for mainly "educational" games. That means if I'm working with one of the boys and I need one-on-one time I may send the other to the computer for them to use a game and work on something. That usually means a turn with Reader Rabbit (pick appropriate grade), Franklin The Turtle Math's game, etc. We have our own large collection (most of which are still in America), but we also have the liberty to rent them from the library (free of charge) which means the boys get a wide variety. You can also see our Bible verses hanging up, and the snowflakes to a mobile we made when we rowed Katy & The Big Snow.

Here's our world map. Took a lot for us to find one, but the book store came through for us (before I went on strike against them!) It's really neat with lots of little pictures on it and you find the reference number at the top and it tells you why the picture is there. It also has maps from all the countries around the world which the boys LOVE. They are BIG flag fanatics. You'll also notice little circles placed around the map, those are our story discs from Five In A Row. We stick a picture, which represents our story, on the map in the location our story took place in.

Next comes our math and notebook shelf. The basket at the top holds our linking cubes (used often during math time), and the other basket has our math games, calendar numbers, etc, in it). The brown basket/thing on the bottom shelf is what we pull out for school "on the go". It holds our pencils, glue, scissors, reading games, math flashcards, sharpners, erasers, cds, 100's chart, the list goes on! It holds a lot! We also store our math clock here, the boys love using this because it has a tiny drawer on it where you store all the magnetic numbers. S'math, which is on the shelf as well, is Morgan's new favorite game. You can see our laminator on top, we use the thing all the time. The tiny basket next to it holds the boys school patches that they haven't earned yet.

This bookshelf is our big bookshelf. It has our teach manuals, Five in A Row books, history, science, encyclopedia (nature at the bottom.. we acquired them for $1!), and our lapbooks. Believe it or not (okay some of you aren't surprised) the books are all separated by category. (Ie, science, history, nature, etc) The funny map things sticking out of one of our lapbook boxes would be homemade "flashcard" type "things" (for lack of a better description) that Morgan has made for each country he's studied. He enjoys making them and when we're done we'll punch holes and stick them on a ring. (Yeah, that just barely visible box on the top is the box of maps..)

This is our mammal area. (It's actually the door to one of the closets in the room which holds my sewing supplies, some coats, and gifts to give away. No peaking!! Besides, I promise you it's a bit messy in there.. after all the Christmas decorations are in there too!) We've been hanging up pictures of mammals that we've studied on it. We had a mammal chart hanging up as well, but it started to rip and was nearly full. We've taken it down and rolled it up for displaying at another time. (Perhaps when we move on to amphibians or something..) Anyway, those are posters from our Ranger Rick and Big Backyard magazines. A few seem to be missing..

Here's the other half of the closet.. It houses our flag. The boys are huge flag fanatics (you should see the flags displayed in their room.. I'm telling you, bring them a flag and you'll be friends for life!) I was purchasing a flag for each country we studied and hanging it up (at one point in the living room), because the company only charged $4.50 for that big size there. When I went to order another flag recently they'd upped the price (by all most double!) so I'm not sure if this tradition will still happen or not. It may depend on what other companies are charging. We shall see, I really liked the company I was with because they were willing to ship directly to me in Australia at a very reasonable price!

That's it. No pictures of the craft cupboard, which also stores my school file boxes. I didn't dare look in there when I took photos because if Jayden scaled the shelves looking for paint again it's likely that there was nothing left on the shelves! I didn't take a picture of the new school table we'd told some of you about, but I'm betting those of you who knew about it got a nice look when the boys gave the tour! We opted to put a tablecloth on it because, despite the "cheap" price for it and three chairs, was in excellent condition. The boys think the tablecloth is great because it has abc's on it. All though one of them is annoyed that there's no zebra for the z. We also seem to have missed off another book case which houses numerous books for "reading" (as in lessons.. and practice).. but you're not missing too much. Considering the amount of books we own I'm sure you'll see plenty more of our bookcases..

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