Sunday, October 26, 2008

Morgan's Christmas Swap Ornaments

After a trip that nearly caused Daddy to pass out, Morgan has mailed off his Swap Ornaments. I signed him up for a Christmas ornament swap on the Five In A Row Boards. He's participated in many other swaps before and this one was just as exciting for him.

The idea is that the kids make ornaments up for each child on their list. They mail them out, and should get back as many as they mailed out. Simple. Considering the vast amount of topics we covered in school this year I thought it would be fun for Morgan to pick one to make his ornament on. He wasn't sure which to pick because he loves it all that much. I suggested he focus on one of the books we've used.

Again, he was torn. He loves Grandfather's Journey (the one I was pretty sure he'd claim was his favorite), but then he started thinking about his other books and was so torn. So we were going to make globes. Seriously. We were going to cover balloons, barely blown up, in paper mache. Well we got about 5 covered, before we realized we were out of newspaper. Then we were going to paint them blue, and let him paint on the green continents. The downside was we were worried that even wrapped in bubble wrap they might not travel well. So it was back to the drawing board.

He wanted to know if he could make up one ornament for each book. I said that would take him a long time. Then I thought about how in love with books he is, and how easy it would be to make mini books and let him fill them in. I also thought about the Christmas paper I had upstairs in the scrap supply. So we took some Weet*Bix boxes and cut them into rectangles. Covered them in paper. Printed out pictures of his favorite books, typed up a few short sentences and printed those out. He was able to use the sticker maker (his favorite of all the scrapping tools) to turn all the print outs into stickers to put in the books.

He was especially in love with the little "catch" on the front of the book. Which, I'll admit is held closed with blue-tac. Seriously. They came together really quickly, and fit perfectly into a small envelope. We even hung a small bit of stretchy clear thread on them so they can be hung like a normal ornament from the Christmas trees. Morgan had so much fun that we made a few extra which are currently hanging up in the dinning room. He went into full panic mode when he saw them, convinced I'd forgotten to send them on to someone.

Here's a few glimpses of the inside, I really loved some of the reasons he liked the books we used for school:

Another Glorious Flight

Miss Rumphius

Another Celebrated Dancing Bear


Julie Y said...

What a GREAT ornament! I'm sure there will be some very happy Rowers who will cherish theirs for years to come!

Edwena said...

Very cool, Kendra!!!

Molly said...

Those are great! Good idea!

Melissa said...

Super cute!