Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lidmen Completed..

That's right, the boys each have one now! It only took us how many months to complete the project? The boys were so excited, and even drew on their own faces. Jayden was content to say, "I want as much blue as possible!" in regards to his lids. Morgan, in his normal fashion, wanted his to be an assortment of colors. It took him a good 5 minutes to pick out 6 lids for the legs!

Thanks to Aunty Adrienne who donated most of our lids the boys got to do these much sooner then they would have. We don't buy much of anything, except milk, that comes with plastic lids. All though we did provide both bodies (one's a no-stick spray lid, the other is whip cream in a can lid) However, those were the ONLY two we had so the boys are hoping I'll buy something with large lids again so they can make another one each.

I don't buy cleaning fluids (except powdered laundry soap.. my allergies wouldn't permit me to use homemade) so that rules out using a dusting spray lid (do you have any idea how quickly that stuff can set off my migraines?!). Shaving cream lids are out, I don't use it (again allergies), and Lawrence doesn't use it either. I do, however, still buy non-stick spray so I'm sure by next month they'll have another one of those to make themselves another lidman.

Morgan is REALLY eager to make a zebra one. He's saving up the black lids (he only has a very small handful, so he's in dire need of more) and a the white lids. If you're interested in making your own you can get free instructions. However, we opted to buy the detailed instructions for $3.00. They are downloadable so there's no waiting for them to arrive in the mail!

These are very simple to make, Lawrence and the boys did these on their own (I was busy making jell-o with stevia..) here's a few pictures of the progress:

Yup, Lawrence used powertools WITHOUT help!

Lawrence's normal reaction to powertools..

threading the legs on

Jayden's lidman, from India apparently, dancing away

The completed projects..
ignore my sink, it takes a lot of dishes to make jell-o apparently..

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