Friday, October 17, 2008

Lawrence's New Obsession..

Yup, he spotted this one at Barratts Music (they still recognize him) a week or more ago. Came home, did the math, thought about it, and decided he wanted it. Barratts was willing to serve (I'm telling you they don't just recognize him, they LOVE to see him in there..).

So Wednesday our trip to Launceston was mostly for the purpose of getting this keyboard (and some new running shoes for everyone, but really that's just the sideshow, right Honey?) We left the store completely loaded down (no joke) with a keyboard, speakers, wires, and a stand to put the crazy thing on. The boys were just as excited, between spotting the guitars in the shop, and the prospect of learning to play piano they were over the moon crazy. (I'm betting, considering the outstandingly good price on the 1/4 size guitars Barretts may see us again before Christmas.. Shhh, don't tell the boys!)

The boys are now eager for their music books to arrive so that Daddy can tell them how to play music. They are also impressed that Mommy can still play Mary Had A Little Lamb without looking at music. However, they didn't recognize the Star Spangled Banner when I played it, guess what they will be learning next school term! Lawrence recognized it though, so I didn't feel as bad.

Needless to say we've lost Daddy for a while. In fact I recall saying, "Stop playing and come to dinner!" He didn't hear. The same is true of lunch, and breakfast.. Yup, if clients start calling we'll have to think quick on our feet. I'm telling you, we should have gone for that Wiggles song book, then he could have mesmerized them with some tunes...

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