Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Blog, Another "patch"..

I know, I know, not another blog! Yup.. See, my computer is *still* in the shop which means updating the blog on The Daisy Patch is a bit of a long drawn out process. So the easiest thing to do was to go create something where I wasn't dependent upon the program I was using. This was what we came up with. Which means all our dedicated fans (Hi! Mom) can keep up with us and our craziness even with that blasted computer in the shop!

As for the computer.. Don't ask, I don't know. They ran diagnostics on it and came up with nothing. They attempted to pass it off as a software problem until they were informed the computer had been rehashed a half dozen or more times in 2 days! It had/has the nasty habit of crashing when I had a cd in the drive. However, that wasn't the only time, just the most common time. Anyway, so now they have to wait on Apple for better tests. My fingers are crossed that they figure out what's wrong because the warranty on the MacBook is nearly up.

Morgan is nearly done with school for the 2008 school term. He has something like 24 math lessons (or less) left to go. He's excited because he can't wait to move up to the next level. He's covered a lot of ground with math this year and enjoyed it as well. He can now count by 10's forward and backward. He can count by 2's (mostly forward, he's still working on the backward bit.) He can say his odd numbers to 19. He's counting by 5's to 60. He can of course count by 1's as well. The only thing he's truly "struggling" with is when I give him a number at random. He struggles with taking that number and moving forward without starting at the beginning.

That means if I say count from 23 until I say to stop. He might feel the need to count from 1 up to 23, or just from 20. Which means we're doing a lot of practice work and he uses his 100's chart to help him. Once he's finished up with the math book we'll continue practicing things daily with games, playing store, restaurant, etc. I'm eager to get my sticky fingers on the Math Mat, and Rack-o for him both of which will be big helpers.

Morgan is also down to about 8 Bible lessons. We've really enjoyed the Children's Commentary that we've used, and it's been a terrific way to have some really interesting conversations. It's had some rather touchy topics included in a few chapters, some of which caught me quite off guard. Even still, we're really looking forward to ordering Exodus soon.

We've also got several craft projects on the table (I'll post about those later with photos..), preparations for a camping trip, and Christmas plans underway around here. Not to mention veggie sprouts that need to be thrown in the garden, and a flower patch or two that we've been weeding when the rain lets up enough to enjoy being outside.

Stay tuned for more pictures..

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