Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle "D"

Happy Birthday Uncle "D"! Okay, so we completely messed up the phone/Skype thing, we'll have to try again. However, take not that you were not forgotten on your birthday (despite the fact that you haven't received your gift.. it is the thought that counts, right?) The boys made these signs, and plan to mail them to you with your birthday card (present comes separately, but no it doesn't require batteries..). Jayden did the top one, Morgan did the bottom one.
Personally I'm not entirely sure what's up with the F, except that with all his missing teeth he says "Birfday" and I think he just misplaced it. Don'tcha just LOVE the spelling of Uncle? (I do!) He even went the length of putting up some string on it so you could hang it up. He was also VERY put out that I didn't know "what kind" of party you were having (You know, Olympics, Panda, Zebra, Arthur, etc..) Be prepared, he's going to ask when we finally catch up!
Jayden had help spelling, but check out those letters! It's harder to see on the picture (you'll notice better when you get the sign), but he drew an entire motley crew of people. Complete with you, himself, and everyone else he could think of. Which of course includes Baby Sam (his youngest cousin here.. don't ask.. they are all into babies lately..).
We didn't eat spaghetti for you like we normally do. We had very spicy Tortilla Pie instead (and the fellow at the grocery store knows and wants the recipe?!?!) No, the boys didn't taste test they had baked potatoes.
We also had birthday cake (and I do believe everyone ate an extra piece for you), not that you'd have wanted it because it was cheesecake, but hey the chocolate cake is for camping! Amazingly enough our cheesecake was sugar free, but I won't bore you with the recipe, I'll just sneak back later to post it!
(Don't ask about the faces.. I must be contemplating my age based on your's!)

Happy Birthday Uncle "D" we miss you and love you. Hope you truly did enjoy yourself, but I have to say.. Did you notice how old you're getting? (I know I'm not going to live that one down next month, but I have to get it in while I can, right??)

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