Friday, October 17, 2008

Duck Duck Bruce!

We picked up Duck Duck Bruce when we were in Launceston this week, it's an awesome card game! I find it difficult to get a hold of good games for the kids, especially Jayden, that aren't super expensive here. Which means, each time we pass a display of games, I tend to stop and see if there's something worth buying.

We enjoy playing a game with the kids after dinner at night, after lunch, when they start fighting, when they scream they are bored. While waiting in the Dr's office, while waiting in airports (you should have seen the looks we got then!!), and even if we take the kids to a "sit down and order" type of restaurant (we once had the entire serving staff at Chili's watching our game...)

Anyway, it was a toss up between this card game and another (something about cats), because we wanted a game Jayden would enjoy we went for the dogs game. (He's a dog fanatic to put it mildly). We haven't been disappointed with the game! Mind you, this isn't exactly a quite game. While it's not necessary to exceed normal sound barrier limits, we seem to do that. The idea is that each time you lay a card down you say "duck" (you know duck-duck-goose!) well, we do say duck, followed by much "take another!!" or "Don't be so greedy!" or "Watch out, it's BRUCE!!"

Jayden loves the game so much our deck of cards no longer looks brand new. The "shine" that makes them impossible to hold on to and shuffle is long gone. He's played well over 3 dozen games since we purchased it on Wednesday! While he's playing he's not above his normal maniacal laughter that which is a good indication he's after a Bruce (he hasn't figured out you don't want those cards!) so he can attempt to steal someone else's. (He makes the same sound in Uno if he gets a wild, draw four, or draw two.. fair warning folks!)

Do we like this game? You betcha! I'll admit that even Lawrence and I offered to play a few rounds because we enjoyed it so much. Seriously, the game is fun, all though it may not be a good game to play in the Dr's office.. Or the hospital.. You get my point, right??

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