Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Dose Of Humor..

Just a few of the "funnies" I've heard recently..

Postman came to deliver a package on Monday, I had to sign for the package. He needed me to tell him the name because I was all ready holding the package. I gave him the information and then pointed out that it's Cooke with an E. Morgan pipes up with, "Yeah, why does it have an e on it? I don't get it. What's the point in that?" I think the postman was doing his best to refrain from too many smirks before closing the gate behind him.

Morgan was asked to put the forks on the table, "Yeah, but what kind of superware do I need to pull out?"

Jayden drew me a picture (I'll try and post it later if it'll scan into the computer well enough, "Do you know what this is Mom? This is God, and these lines are all his powers going down to that man laying on the ground. He's on the ground because God has killed him with his superpowers." Me: "Why did God have to kill the man?" J: "Because he was the enemy from Egypt." (he's obsessed with Egypt, I think it goes hand in hand with his obsession for Joseph.)

Morgan: "Mom don't come in the kitchen right now!" Me: "Why not, are you cooking something?" "No, I'm getting dressed and I don't want you to see my underpants!"

"Daddy can you read my letter from the tooth fairy to me?" Daddy: "Sure." That's as far as he got before tears of laughter were streaming down his face.

"Jayden, do you know what Christmas is all about?" J: "Yup, the presents!" Me: "Oh Jayden, I'm a bit disappointed that you think presents are the right answer." J (with a deep sigh)"Okay, so it's really about decorating the house, but I like the presents part too!"

"Morgan, do you know what Christmas is all about?" M: "Yes, it's about Jesus being born. He had to be born because God sent him to crush the head of the serpent who tricked Adam and the girl." Me: "Wow, that was pretty specific." M: "Yup."

Me: "Daddy, I asked Jayden what Christmas was all about, and when he said presents and I said no, he said decorating the house." Daddy (trying not to laugh) "Did he?" Me: "Yes, and sadly I think he was serious!" J: "I was serious! We decorate the house for Jesus' birthday!!"

"Morgan, read the next word on the list, and tell me a sentence with it." Morgan: "M-u-g. Mug! Nana had a Mug of tea, and then she saw a bug in it and she screamed. She dropped the mug and nearly hurt herself again."

"Morgan, read the next work and make up a sentence to go with it." Morgan: "G-u-s. Gus! Oh, Gus is a bug. He was in Nana's cup of tea. She screamed." (Nana seemed to have a horrible fate in all the sentences Morgan made up that day..)

J: "MORGAN!! I saw Uncle "D"!!" Morgan: "You did not. He's not in Australia." J: "I did too, and did you know that Uncle "D" is the long way to say it, but just saying "D" is the quick way." Morgan: "You did not!" Me (in order to keep the peace) "Actually, saying "D" is the short way. His name is really Derrick." Loud gasps in the car, "Did you hear that?" Morgan: "Yup, do you think she's serious??"

"Mom! Look I made the leaning tower of Egypt!!" J: "You made it out of domioes, so let's call it leaning tower of domioes!"

"Morgan, I really hope your tooth falls out soon." M: "Why?" J: "So she can bring us a toy!"

"Do you guys know what Thursday is?" Boys: "No, what!?" "It's Aunty Adrienne's birthday, and it's also the day Mommy & Daddy got married." Morgan: "WHAT?! So you guys gave her a present, and then she must have given you one too!!" (Not sure how he knows people get a gift when they get married, but...)

"Mom what do Seagulls eat." "Fish, and things like that." J:"And mermaids?" "Jayden, you know mermaids aren't real!" J: "Mom, you are so wrong! I can't believe you teach Morgan stuff. Mermaids are real!!"

As a lego smashed on the floor, "Jayden, look what you did to my imagination!" J: "I didn't do it!" "You touched my imagination and now something broke off of it!

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