Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas Fun

Remember the reindeer pouches I'm making? Well, I've finally compiled a list of the various activities on our cards that will be inside the reindeer pouches. The list is not complete, but it's a great jumping point. They are not listed in any particular order either...

1. Pull out the Christmas Tree and set it up. Don't forget to decorate it!

2. Let's go to the honey farm today. Pick out honey to send to ******* (Name hidden so they don't know what they are getting for Christmas!), and don't forget to get the Anise honey for our Christmas cookies!

3. Go for a train ride today! It may be short, but it will be fun. (We have the option between two trains that run during the holidays.. we wrote short incase we opt for the shorter ride..)

4. Make some gingerbread camel cookies today for giving away at Christmas. Ask Mom what's so special about thee cookies, and be sure to test one after it's cooled! (these are for our edible nativity.. )

5. Enjoy a movie and popcorn at the cinema today, Despereaux is now playing!

6. Take a walk tonight on Victoria Parade and check out the Christmas light displays!

7. Set up the nativities today. Put them all over the house to see no matter which room we're in!

8. Write your Christmas letter today. Everyone has to help for it to be done on time. Don't forget to seal the envelopes.

9. Go mail those Christmas letters today. Walk to the PO & on the way home stop for a treat.

10. Make the annual Christmas ornaments. Use cookie cutters to make extras for giving away. HAVE FUN!

11. Make some peanut butter cookies today. These are also for giving away. Ask Mom what's so special about these cookies too. (also for the edible nativity)

12. Let's go golfing! Take a trip to the mini golf place and enjoy a game with Mom and Dad. Have a GReAT time.

13. Make a Christmas card to mail to Uncle D, Poppy, and a Danica. They LOVE getting mail from you guys.

14. Go watch the parade in town today. don't forget to take the camera!

15. Make a cake and put it in the freezer for christmas day. Do you know who's birthday is getting closer now?

16. Go for a late night drive after tea and check out the lights in Shearwater.

17. Walk down to the beach and have a picnic lunch. Afterwards splash in the water! Maybe you'll even find time to ride your bikes.

18. Let's make ice cream today. What flavor shall we make? Vanilla, chocolate, or mint?

19. Make cinnamon rolls and put them in the freezer for Christmas morning. You better taste one too! (I'll probably make honey based ones too)

20. Let's make some small Christmas trees to decorate the house with.

21. Go watch the parade at Nana's house today and see if you can find Santa at the end.

22. Go check out the Parade at Aunty Adrienne's place, see if you can find anyone you know in the parade!

23. Make the annual Auberger Anise cookies today. Yummy!! Don't forget to save some for Christmas!

24. Mommy will take you Christmas shopping today to pick out a present for Daddy and your brother.

25. Make some Gingerbread boy/girl ornaments today. If you sprinkle them with some cinnamon they will smell super yummy!

26. Make some chocolate covered pretzel rods for giving away at Christmas time. Ask Mom why we're making them.

27. Let's make our own Nativity!

28. Today you can make a kid safe candle to decorate with!

29. Make some garland to decorate the house with. Once they are cut out, decorate them anyway you want!

30. Decorate some ornaments to look just like you and give them to family members.

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