Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to Mosquito Netting..

I finally procured (like that word?) a mosquito netting! It was a bit trickier then you'd think. Okay, so maybe we were just being pickier? I didn't care, as long as it kept the nasty little things off me while I'm sleeping. Do you know what it's like waking up to that annoying buzz in your ear?? Not fun, I can assure you of that.

Anyway, after much debating and choosing, we decided to get the one pictured above. We were originally going to get one from a place out of Australia. Their prices were great and you could choose from a four corner or a circular one. I figured that was great on many accounts, and the biggest being having things shipped in from America isn't always cheap, which can cancel out the savings. The problem was Lawrence was worried about getting up in the middle of the night and being tangled up in the thing and pulling it all down.

I pointed out that as long as the netting was still over me I wouldn't care until morning. He didn't find this as amusing as I did.. The place in Australia (can't remember the name of it) also sold the four corner one which allowed an opening on each side so you could easily get up in the middle of the night. The price was only slightly more then the circular one. The downside was it had this "decretive" beading on it I wasn't impressed with. You know what those mosquitos would have done to beading? Laughed themselves silly! Plus, if you don't have a four poster bed you need to put four hooks in the ceiling, we weren't keen on the idea since we rent..

I ended up doing a quick search before making a firm choice and noticed some out of America that were four corner but only required one hook (the one above). The downside was it looked like their "worldwide shipping" only included Canada. Apparently someone needs to buy the company a world map and open up their possibilities. Back to the drawing board.

I was pretty much convinced we'd have to suffer the consequences of four holes and funky beading when I did one last search and saw the one I wanted, brand new, being sold on ebay Australia. I was tickled pink. The upside to buying it out of Australia was that not only did I save on shipping, due to the exchange rate I saved over-all as well. Yippie!

So now I'll sit anxiously next to the mailbox and scare the mailman again. We seem to have a regular habit of doing such things.. The other day Morgan managed to flip our double jogger over while the mailman was driving down the sidewalk. He gave us about 5 minutes to tip things upright before he gave up and went around... If he only knew how quick that really was for us..


Amber said...

Hi Kendra! I'm from FIAR and I really enjoy your blog! :) One question though... what's a "double jogged"? LOL!!

Kendra AU said...

lol Amber, a "double Jogged" is a typo!! It's suppose to say "double jogger" as in our double jogging stroller! ; )