Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aussie Mossie

Summer is nearly here, and that means I've got to come up with some SERIOUS mosquito protection! These nasty little things eat me ALIVE. All. Summer. Long. I'm talking big huge red bites that swell, and make my whole body itch. Serious allergic reaction. I've got two on my left ankle right now and it's all I can do to keep from tearing my ankle off in an attempt to relieve the itch. I don't want to take an antihistamine for it, so I'll suffer!

Okay, seriously though, what's up with these things? Are Aussie Mossies super powered mosquitoes or what? I recall being bitten up as a kid when we lived by the creek and I don't remember bit red swollen bites that made my whole body itch. I also don't remember any part of my body swelling just from a single bite either. Then again, I don't remember black and white spotted mosquitos!

Get this, Australia is home to something like 300 different species of mosquitos. First off, who on earth counted?! I want to know if you had to sign up for it. You know, like catching lighting bugs in America.. Seriously, check out this poster I found:

You can actually purchased the poster $11 AUD

Not to mock someone's hard work, but why on earth would I want a mosquito poster? I'm thinking if I'm lucky enough to see the nasty little bug to whack it with my rolled up copy of Family Fun or whatever book I'm holding I'm doing good. It's a miracle if I whack it before it strikes and leaves me "all blown up". No, I just can't see myself, even as homeschooler (we're weird ya know..) hanging up a whole poster of Aussie Mossies.

Weirdly enough, I can see myself attempting to squish one in a way that won't totally "ruin" the mosquito just so I can check it out under our bionic eye.. Hey, maybe I should check out the horrible swollen red blotches on my ankle and see if I can watch my skin swell. (Hey, I warned you we were weird!!) You know, I strongly suspect that the nose of those things will look like a little knife, and I heard tell that mosquitoes have teeth.. Wow, maybe I won't groan the next time I'm bitten if I can catch one to look at under "the eye".

In the mean time, I think I'll go check out some mosquito netting for the bed. Laugh all you want, cause I know those of you in America are!, but last summer my entire jaw line was bitten up DAILY. I sported red welts on my arms, and even on my toes. I recently read vinegar will keep the mosquitos at bay.. wonder if it'll work on the super powered Aussie Mossie?

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