Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Arm River (2)

Having two little boys who can get themselves in a load of trouble, I'm always highly amused by the stories my mother-in-law can tell me of the four boys she raised. It reminds me that every child has it's flaw, and I should thank my lucky stars that mine are only currently a pack of two. After all, I figure there's a bit less trouble two can get into.. (I know, Jayden makes up for those that may be lacking, but...)

While camping at Arm River the boys had the experience of being overrun by girls! That's right, I actually bunked in a room where girls out numbered the boys (sorry guys!) Yeah, there was lots of laughing, but no we didn't paint the boys toenails once they drifted off.. I'm digressing at any rate.

Needless to say, after the countless stories I've heard about the Cooke clan growing up, I'm never truly surprised by anything they attempt. Like scaling poles to rescue footies, teasing their mother mercilessly, and just being themselves in general. In fact I'm usually well enough amused to sit and have a good laugh.

However, upon going to out to the car to locate the camera (which was around my husband's neck) I noticed him taking a picture of the interior of a trunk. I attempted to close the trunk, and when it sprung back up with someone popping out of it, I honestly heard myself saying, "Please, please tell me my child is not in there!" (He wasn't, all though he came to check it out and I reminded him we do NOT play in trunks.. thankfully he can't trap himself in our trunk..)

Okay, so while this one actually caught me off guard, what happened next completely cracked me up:

Yeah, they wanted to see how many people they could fit in the trunk of a car...

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